5 Steps of Ending the Feeling of Losing Control

It must have felt like I was just doing it for the sake of writing, didn’t it? I meant everything I wrote. I have proven it. I have suggested it to others and it has worked. Some of them have grown to be more comfortable than I have been. You are also on the verge of discovering it. Hope you are prepared to discover the technique that I have used for the past four years. This technique has made me realize that I need not to worry about situations but have fun. It has brought miracles before me and got me scared at times; due to the extraordinary things that I have found myself accomplish. It has made me venture into activities that I least expected I could. It has also made me learn a lot about myself.

I at times don’t even believe they really happened. Sometimes I get sceptical and like you, probably, think it was a coincidence, or some supernatural force took over. It is so powerful that I called it “THE ULTIMATE FEAR DOMINATION” technique.

Here’s the technique I have used to end the feeling of losing control:

  • Before you get to do any task that you would like to achieve, know what you want to achieve. Know what your end result is. Write it down somewhere and read it aloud. Picture the end result and look for the emotions that would be associated with the success. Get the feel of success and focus on this emotion for about 5 minutes.

When you start having thoughts of not having the success, get back to the feel of the success and don’t think about anything else in relation to the success.

  • Write down what you need to do to complete your task; from the most immediate one, to the last action. Write also when you need to take on the first action. Do not manifest any negative emotion, you’d rather sing or be neutral. This prepares your mind for the activities ahead of you.
  • Get to action and replay the image of how successful the works of your hands are going to be. Let each action excite you. Be joyous that every time you are getting closer to your goal.
  • When undesirable moments start showing up, the worst you can do is manifest negative emotions. These are the occurrences that make the fear of losing control be so real. Focus your emotions on all that you have done since the beginning. Feel good about the past moments and the end result. If this is not possible because of the fear don’t worry. Just get distractive thoughts, it will come with practice.

A “miracle” will happen and somehow you will find yourself easily walking over the undesirable moments, especially when they are either positive or neutral. I have noticed faster results when am neutral, though (I don’t know why but it works almost every time).

  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 till you carry out all of your actions.  At this point you shall have achieved quite a lot.

I invite you to try this technique and share with the world your results as comments just below. Let’s see if you the feeling of losing control will still have room in you. Let’s see if the previous posts make practical sense. Share it with someone else and help them end the fear of losing control.